♥ Corbeille D'or 4th bazaar ♥

Our 2nd day at the largest indoor bazaar, MANizer bazaar!
Was very cool experience!
Gotta explore the fashion, food, fun accompanied by acoustic gigs!

Times Square 10th floor
15th January <3

♥ Corbeille D'or 3rd bazaar ♥

This time, we did it differently.
Say hi to the largest INDOOR bazaar!
We got fashion, food, fun AND gigs!
Acoustic gigs live accompanied our customers!

Times Square 10th floor
14th January

with the MANizer bazaar lady

♥ the start of something new ♥

3rd december 2011 , RASTA TTDI - became the start of our new journey.
may Allah bless us with joy, friendship and prosperity throughout this journey of ours. 

Love, Corbeille d'or.